About YGP

“Youth for Global Progress”

is a Ukrainian non-governmental organization for young and motivated people who are trying to change the world for better and to realize their potential as active and responsible community members. We started as a student initiative and now we are actively engaging in community work. Together we have strength to promote the role of Youth in development of the country and provide solutions in education, communication and opportunities.

Aims and Impact

– to promote the role of Youth in development of the country;
– to provide solutions in Education for the Youth and Human beings;
– to seek solutions of youth problems no matter what race, religion, culture, location, color, gender, and family background they are from;
– to provide awareness to the youth on how to use communication opportunities with help of social networking;
– to arrange workshops, seminars, conferences and other events for Youth
– to run international youth exchange programs with other country youth organizations;
– to help in providing financial assistance to poor and deserving children
– to provide the Youth with the access to society facilities and opportunities to practice the principles of democratic government and parliamentary procedures.
– to develop sound programs of sports, social, civic and cultural activities for the benefit of the Youth in the society.
– to support European integration by engaging Youth in stimulating modernization process of our country.

Social Platform

YGP has a three-part approach toward youth development:
Our projects with young people focus on learning and self-development. Improving the education and employment prospects of young people forms an important part of our work. Our plan includes trainings and skills initiatives and a range of projects at further and higher education level.
When we inspire young people to learn and acquire new skills, we also inspire them to have changes inside and outside and influence others. Motivation works as a powerful lifetime benefit and creates mental strength, drive, focus, and the courage to take action.
Today young people are strong forces in social movements and they have the power to transform the world into a better place. But while young people are leaders and change the others, they still need tounderstand their responsibilities and values. We work on social implementation of good leadership principles and are providing young people with skills, experience and routes to employment.


We focus on the work with youth in such fields as:
Education, European Integration,
Social Entrepreneurship, Culture and Sport.
• offer high-quality programs to motivate young people for social, intellectual and physical development
• impart knowledge and skills to guide young people’s development as professionals and community leaders
• facilitate awareness, communication and cooperation to improve mutual understanding
• engage young people in modernization processes in our country.
We also gather the donations for refugees from Donbas region, help orphanages, organize trainings and meetings to educate children and support adult education. We are desperately trying to make positive changes in our country and are open to contact with any other youth organization and motivated people.
• International educational projects
• Developing multilateral cooperation
• International youth clubs
• Participating in the projects organized by foreign NGOs
• Cooperation with local NGOs and authorities
• Organizing international projects, contests, conferences, discussions, meetings etc.

Work Plan

The overall priorities of the NGO “Youth for Global Progress” are guided by the priority areas of the World Programme of Action for Youth.
We focus on the Education, Sustainable Development, Employment, Civic Engagement, Peace and Security.
The main principles of our workplan include:
Increase accessibility of youth to the education, employment, civil engagement through promoting structured mechanisms for youth participation at national, regional and international levels
Facilitate the participation of youth in various programs and projects; Organize various Youth Forums; Support the efforts of the youth in regional communities and in the rural area; Support and engage youth participation in educational programs; Strengthen the channels of communications between young people and the authorities; Launch the “FreeEduSpace” platform to serve as a central portal for participation and social inclusion; Support life-long learning.
Social awareness
Promote and increase young people’s social awareness and empathy through setting, implementing and evaluating the various development frameworks and develop international awareness and attention to youth issues
Support youth initiatives and the inclusion of youth development indicators in the country policies; Promote and support young entrepreneurs and their start-ups; Support the young researches; Raise awareness of and support of young peacebuliders.
Engage youth, local communities, authorities, private sector and academic institutions into our programs on youth and facilitate partnerships on various youth issues.
Provide a platform for a successful dialogue and cooperation; Strengthen youth movements on the local and national level; Increase youth awareness and engagement; Support networking of youth-led organizations and the resource mobilization efforts for the initiative and the partnership development.
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