An illusion of time

10 March 2019
The land of perfect ice-skating rinks
21 February 2019
“Lagom” for everyone in beautiful Sweden
20 March 2019

How do you usually spend your weekend? I can’t say, that every weekend I am going out and developing myself culturally and emotionally, but sometimes when I get a chance – I stop by the local art gallery. I mean (going to the movies to see Captain Marvel, can count as food for the mind too, right? 🙂 )

However, anyways, when I was looking at the paintings today, one particularly caught my attention.

And for me, that one is very much connected with time and a bit of melancholy.

Being honest with you, the concept of time has always fascinated me. Don’t we all feel like this category is so strange? The time can stretch and become still, move forward so fast and make you feel like it is nothing. Especially, when we travel somewhere, even if just for a day and then come back home, we feel like months have passed.

All people intuitively understand that a concept of time is roughly determined by its course, but in reality, very few people can actually explain it.

I bet that everyone has watched the movie Interstellar, and my particular favorite moment is when Cooper and Amelia investigate Miller’s planet and lose 20 years of time in just one hour. The physical equations do not tell us what events happen right now – they are more like a map without the symbol “you are here”. The moment of the present in those equations simply does not exist, as well as the flow of time. In addition, Einstein’s theory of relativity suggests that not only there is no real present time, but that all moments are equally real.

What if there is no time, everything exists at the moment, and this is the fundamental principle of the Universe, which our scientists are still trying to understand? Time does not exist, and the quantum theory only confirms this. Some things are closer to you in time, some are farther, just like in space. But the idea that time flows around us can be as absurd as the flow of material things.

The two events that are happening “now” for you will proceed at different times for everyone who moves at a different speed. Other people will see different “now,” which may contain elements of your “now,” or may not contain. Time is also not stable. Time can die and be born again. Maybe in the future, time will become the most expensive thing on earth, because there always not enough of it. Therefore, why do we waste time, when we can enjoy every moment of your life?

I meant to write about art, and instead of that I wrote about time 🙂 But don’t you feel like everything is connected in life? And the concept of time is closely linked with how each artist represents it.  If we try to take time, it always flows through our fingers. But after all, art is a time that is still.

People are sure that there is time but can not get access to it. It seems to me that they can not get access to it because it does not exist at all or exist in such form that we still can’t comprehend.

Past. Now. Future. For physics, this is the same thing. However, for you, me and all the rest – the time is moving in only one direction: from expectations to experience and memories. And it is up only to us, to make the best out of it.

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