Mariia Levchenko

16 December 2019

World Youth Forum 2019: Technology and Human Connection.

Egypt is a mythical land of pyramids, the Red Sea, temples, and pharaohs. The sights of Egypt beckoned adventure seekers for centuries, forcing to plunge into […]
17 September 2019

“Building Bridges Across the Globe” or Bringing Impact to Communities

It all started with a dream. Dream to be different. Dream to change. Dream, growing from the understanding that something in the world is not right, […]
15 August 2019

“It’s a good deal that you came to our country” – unknown taxi driver or welcome to China :)

My third time in China, and first time on the tropical island of Hainan. The unique resort of the Celestial Empire, which is rightfully considered to […]
4 August 2019

Chasing the illusions

Usually, I write the motivational things, that I become inspired by in my travels or everyday life. This time is different 🙂 I have been thinking […]
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