Mariia Levchenko

27 May 2019

Cherry Storms in Sorrento

Strange as it may seem, many places of the world are similar to each other (although the diversity of our planet is amazing), but despite all […]
5 April 2019

You can find me in Budapest or (think.BDPST)

It is always interesting coming back to some cities, comparing your first impressions and feelings. And especially if this city is Budapest, and Budapest in April. Okay, […]
20 March 2019

“Lagom” for everyone in beautiful Sweden

“A delightful spring weather” or you can turn into Swede just in 2 days and go out looking for the sun, as soon as it shows […]
10 March 2019

An illusion of time

How do you usually spend your weekend? I can’t say, that every weekend I am going out and developing myself culturally and emotionally, but sometimes when […]
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