Mariia Levchenko

10 March 2019

An illusion of time

How do you usually spend your weekend? I can’t say, that every weekend I am going out and developing myself culturally and emotionally, but sometimes when […]
21 February 2019

The land of perfect ice-skating rinks

Music 🎵 Walking on Cars – Speeding Cars How do I even start this? sometimes I feel like I am one of the most reckless people that […]
14 February 2019

The girls with tulips in a metro

Always something that stands out attracts our attention. Whether it is a bouquet of flowers in the hands of a girl that is heading with the […]
1 February 2019

EnPower Warsaw or Where is room 115?

Tanir and Tyomcha – Yaka Yaka  Do you know that I have a secret magical power? Yes, yes 🙂 And even though I talk about it […]
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