Chasing the illusions

4 August 2019
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12 July 2019
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15 August 2019

Usually, I write the motivational things, that I become inspired by in my travels or everyday life. This time is different 🙂 I have been thinking a lot lately, how we create some kind of illusions in ourselves and people that surround us, and how these illusions influence our lives and not in a good way.

We become dependent on what other people think of us and do not notice that the «others» are as obsessed with themselves, as we are. Because it seems like everyone is perfect. Perfect on social media – with perfect bodies, lives, relationships. There are high standards, and if you don’t reach them – you start to feel like an outcast.

Ideal images of everyone fill our lives. And it seems that everyone is happy all the time. People don’t like to show that some things affect them and make them suffer. They don’t share their pain or loss. And why would they? That would make them different and weak, not like the others.

It feels like there is this crazy pursuit in being better, scoring higher and making the others jealous in what you do, and in it, we tend to forget the essence of life – the life itself.

And it is not only that the technologies are affecting us like that. As I see it – something in our human nature has really changed over the last decades. It is like the shallow and shiny water, but beneath it – there is nothing. No real friendship, or love, or support. And if you find one real – it is such a jewel, that you need to protect and keep with all your power.

But it is so normal to be just..normal. You know. A normal human being with your flaws and imperfections. They are what makes you who you are.

We can’t be the same. We are not robots. We are not ideal versions of ourselves. We have the right to be in a bad mood, to have problems and search for ways to fix them. We have the right to be sad and happy, depressed and joyful, laughing our asses off and sneaking at night to the fridge to eat something incredible not healthy and incredibly yummy.

You don’t have to be someone. You just need to be yourself. And only you decide what means being yourself. Because, honestly…no one cares. People always see and care about themselves. Yeap, we are all selfish like that. We always think about what others think of us, not because we care about their opinion, rather we worry about the image of ourselves.

However, the secret is – that if we let it all go – all those perfect ideas swirling in the air around us, we become perfect immediately. And you know why?
Because we have always been perfect. Each one of us in own unique way 🙂
It is funny, but the illusion lies in the illusion itself, that we have to do something or be someone. That is like chasing the sand falling ours from our fingers. You can never catch it, but you don’t need to 🙂

So, lets be perfect in our imperfections, beautiful inside and outside, because the life itself is like that.

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