Cherry Storms in Sorrento

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5 April 2019
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2 June 2019

Strange as it may seem, many places of the world are similar to each other (although the diversity of our planet is amazing), but despite all my travels, Italian Sorrento still made me wonder in awe and enjoy the shabby walls of houses and the balustrades of balconies, latticed blinds, and the lemon trees. It felt, like life in the city never stopped its Carnaval, always loud and joyful. If you delve into the depths of Sorrento, you can find areas with herds of horned mopeds, pressed against each other by the sides under the shiny dark green leaves of ficus. And the aroma of blooming oranges that spreads around it. The Italians bright expressiveness and impetuous smiles was another tiny puzzle that complements the overall picture of this part of the world.



So, I started writing this post sitting on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. For the last 3 weeks, I was working non-stop, passing English exam, resigning from my old job, getting accustomed to a new one. And sometimes when I get home after work, I would feel that I am losing myself. Losing myself as part of reality. They say, that it is the sign of the inspiration when you enjoy what you are doing so much that sometimes you don’t understand where you are.  I can agree with that. But at the same time, I needed to find myself again. And this getaway to Italy has proven it one more time: taking up chances and being crazy enough gives you the best memories.


Some people think that taking risks is a very silly idea. Why do something if you do not know what happens in the end? Others believe that taking risks means believing in oneself, and not being afraid of possible failures. According to statistics, more than 70% of people are afraid of changes in life, preferring stability over change. And if they are suddenly pulled out of a special world created over the years, many do not know what to do next.  However, those who decide to overcome fear and uncertainty receive new sensations. They get a chance to meet special people and go on an exploration of the incredible places, including those residing in their souls.

The key element that is stopping us and not allowing becoming a risk taker and being honest about what we want is fear. Its nature lies deep in our psycho-emotional state, and the emotions that we have experienced in the past. We are afraid to disappoint and to do something that goes against who we “should be” in the eyes of the others. So, it turns out that risk is also a product of uncertainty. But I think, that if we are honest in what we want and who we truly are – we become the Cherry Storm. Just like that “cherry storm” that was going every day in Sorrento (so needed!) in order for the cherries to absorb the water and grow. And in the relationships between the people, and inside ourselves, the cherry storm is integrity, honesty, and bravery that we need in order to grow on all levels.   

My Italian story concentrates in small parts of the day when I would get a chance to have all those meaningful conversations. It is also in the unsophisticated and touching statues of the Madonna on the corners of houses and in the arches of the walls, on facts about local mafia and discussions on various topics. In visiting Pompeii, where the artistry of life was forever covered with a six-meter layer of ash in 79 AD when the peaceful shaggy blooming mountain suddenly turned into an angry monster. However, despite that it can erupt any moment again – people still live there. They are taking their chances daily and are being honest about what awaits for them. 

Therefore, don’t wait for a Cherry Storm to be Brave and Honest. And remember that even two days in some new place can be more than enough for some people if you are a risk taker 🙂 Because the question is never about the quantity of time. It is the quality that matters the most. It is in the goosebumps, smiles and touching the old stones with your hand to feel that despite the distance and time, we still will carry a part of stardust in us. 

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