Day Seven. Going back home

Day sixth. Generation “Y.”
10 June 2017
6-7…..Два останніх чудових дня у Німеччині
11 June 2017
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Staying in the Dresden and not visiting a gallery of Old Masters, for me, feels like a crime. I would love to go into each museum and exhibition, but with a lack of time, it was not possible. So.. in the morning, around 9:45 we were at the doors of Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister the first in line to enter.
Once you get the ticket, and you go inside – you simply get lost in time and space among the magnificent paintings of the old time. I don't have many words to describe what feelings I had there.
For me, it felt like meditation again. And the paintings feel so real like you can look into the eyes of those people and just dive into their centuries. It felt like they were watching me, assessing me and thinking what I was doing there.
The most famous painting in the gallery is Madonna di San Sisto by the Rafael. You just become hypnotized by it. I stood in front of it for some minutes, and I couldn’t do anything, but devour the painting with my eyes. The size of the canvas impresses with its scale, and it's hard to believe at all that it is a drawing. The image is realistic, and so deep in color. The faces of all the characters are unusually alive. The curtain is so "soft" that by stretching out one's hand, you can feel the warmth of hanging velvet. Once you see this masterpiece, you will never forget it.
However, the road was, waiting for us, so after visiting the gallery, we took out the car and headed in the direction of Polish border and Ukraine.

During this almost 16-hour trip, I was thinking about our time in Germany, and I will write down some conclusions about this project “Meet up” which I want to share with you:

- There are great perspectives of partnership between German and Ukrainian organizations, as we have very close ties, mutual understanding, and trust;

- The more the person travels –the more open up, he or she is for other cultures and traditions, and this influences our work as non-governmental organization too;

- Even in not very big cities such as Nordhausen, there are amazing organizations with a lot of staff members (starting from 300 till 1,200), and there is no competition between them, but support and creation of joint projects;

- The Ukrainian problem is that we are almost 25-30 years late in our social and community work, but we want to learn from German experience and to implement it in Ukraine.

I think that I can go on for an about an hour, telling how great this week was and how much I learned. But it is better to express it in work than in simple words.

Our coming back home was very symbolical. On the 11 of June 2017, Ukraine started official non- visa regime with the European Union. And night road was filled with cars heading in the direction of west, aiming to reach the new destinations open to everyone. Crossing the border and seeing the smiling faces of our citizens, left me wondering if it is the right way.

Terrible infrastructure, high corruption, lack of social standards and low level of life should be the main things to work on and opening the borders won't solve it. But maybe once, Ukrainians see how devoted people are for their work in other countries and how hard they are working for it, when they see that people don’t throw trash everywhere and are polite and calm drivers, they will start working on themselves and we can eliminate this gap of 25 years faster.

Thank you for reading about “MeetUp,” it is not over, and it is just the beginning :)

Best wishes,


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