Day sixth. Generation “Y.”

П’ятий день подорожі….. чудовий день!!!
9 June 2017
Day Seven. Going back home
11 June 2017
I am writing my blog in the morning today, as our desire for travel and adventures brought us to Dresden yesterday. It was an unplanned trip, but we got stuck in the traffic from Nordhausen to the Polish border and decided that this might be a good idea.
Our morning began with good weather (finally, though not so good for traveling later when it is +30) and a visit to organization “Horizont.” There we had a meeting with Thomas Rzepus, who is running some own projects and working closely with the others.
Right now he is working on the platform, which serves as a tool connecting people with needs and institutions, called SOCIALLOOK - Helfen 4.0. And I have to emphasize, that it was Thomas idea all alone, his concept and he started to work on it almost five years ago. There are now ten institutions connected with 100 users in the system, and it is amazing how this program is used to connect in between all organizations and serves as a bilateral way from client to institution. Thomas told us that when he started the project, people were asking him three questions: “Are you crazy?” “What is with data protection?” “What is up with digital education.” However, he was able to overcome the difficulties and the platform works. It must also be stated, that this is an entirely innovative idea and even Estonia (very developed in e-governance) doesn’t have such tool for social work. It is evident that a project like this requires time and finance to be fully developed, but it shows great results already.
“Horizont” where Thomas works, has more than 300 different projects. The ones that were of great interest for me included work with migrants and unemployed people, and their success scale is impressive. After just one of the projects, the rate of the people integrated into a job is more than 30%. They help the participants of the project in any way they can starting from their appearance, the motivation for work and finishing with aftercare for three months, even after the project is done.

Near the offices, where organization work, there is another building, where unemployed people are making and repairing the bicycles. They cannot stay long in this project (just for one year), due to the social law, but it is their chance to stand up firmly on their feet after that and be able to find a job.

The whole work and projects of this organization are build up on strong standards, and the case-management is basics for everything, with the only difference in goal that they want to achieve.
When I meet people, like Thomas and Katrin (who worked with us all these days) I feel like have known them for ages before that. They are very open-minded, easy to talk to and they offer us some much. We are the generation “Y,” with aspiration for maximum awareness and professionalism in several areas at once. For generation “Y” it is not permissible to be experts just in one thing. It has the highest technical literacy, the desire to work extra-hourly and the desire for knowledge. After the meeting with Thomas, we went back to International Department of Jugendsocial werk, to sum up, all the ideas and projects that we want to work on. This is some perspective that requires a separate blog entry, and I will get to it when I am home.

But, I I want to thank Katrin Tschernatsch-Göttling for having us over, helping us and doing a fantastic job. Katrin loves what she is doing, and this is very evident for me. It has been a wonderful week in Nordhausen, and I admire the city and everyone that we have met. Vielen herzlichen Dank again!
The later evening got us to Dresden, and the charm of the old city is organically combined with modernity. It is a pleasure to wander through the narrow streets, which art galleries, ateliers, designer shops, boutiques, souvenir shops and restaurants.
After visiting Dresden, there are a lot of emotions. The city is magnificent, beautiful, impressive. It deserves a visit for at least one day.

Now the road awaits for us to go back home. But that is entirely another story :)

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