EnPower Warsaw or Where is room 115?

1 February 2019
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22 January 2019
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14 February 2019

Tanir and Tyomcha – Yaka Yaka 

Do you know that I have a secret magical power?
Yes, yes 🙂 And even though I talk about it a lot, I just started to realize the incredible magic behind it. The thing is – that I meet the most amazing people all the time. And it doesn’t matter whether I have met them one year ago, or 10 years or just seven days. They are simply awesome, and I love writing about them.

I used to think that happiness requires silence. But now I realize that it is so wrong. Real happiness needs joy, laughter, and fun in order to grow more. And that is what I am going to write about today, guess from where??? Of course 🙂 Warsaw Chopin airport. (By the way – photo alert! there are going to be a lot of pictures!)

EnPower the Trainers? Nooo 🙂 Empower yourself, become inspired and meet new friends – this can describe better, what has been happening during this week in Poland.
Being honest with you, when I was going here – I had no huge expectations. And for sure, I didn’t know that the participants would be on the same wave as I am 🙂 However, only after the first days, we felt like we have known each other forever, and started to have our small inside jokes, that usually only good friends get.

Our room 115 🙂 the room for hanging out, drinking tea and laughing till our bellies started to hurt. Our trip to Warsaw and almost everyday hiking to Bedrionka 🙂 Our mornings, when we would open the canteen, as we were always the hungriest and weighing food, because we all eat just healthy 🙂 At the beginning of the training, and starting our Erasmus project – our organizers told us, that this project is happening, because they have met each other a couple of years ago at the training like that and decided to continue their work together. And now, after just a week here, I can see how it happened. Because there is some magical atmosphere that helps us to connect, to start dreaming big and imagining how we can move further on.

We talked about so many interesting things: the methodology behind the workshops, career counseling for the youth, volunteering, visual communication and presented our own ideas. We created the videos using new tools and bombarded the Telegram with a new pack of stickers developed just by our group. We tried to dance the bachata and sneaked on each other food. And the wonderful winter weather with snowflakes falling on us at the night park just proved my point: that one can find the beauty anywhere.

And yesterday, when I could spend another day in Warsaw with my two beautiful souls that have traveled from far far away to see me – gave me another hope. Hope that all our travels are teaching us a lesson: to live right here and right now. And that heart is not breaking, even if we think that it is. No…It is just cut into a more strong version of it. Long meaningful talks and realizing that we all are just a bit of crazy, however, embracing it – is a unique power – are my highlights of the January 🙂


I understand more and more now, that a positive approach to life attracts the people who are the same as you are. Whatever we have in our minds pulls the things that correspond to that energy. And on the opposite, pushes the people away that are walking a different road. The more you smile, the more you laugh – the easier approach to life you will have. And the easier the life starts to treat you.

I think that I talk about taking life in your hands in every blog post 🙂 Really, I keep on saying how one needs to enjoy what he has. However, it is never easy and we all know that. And even though, you can look at my photos and see the smiling faces, you never know what is behind them. However, what I can promise you – is that if you go out of your shell, and don’t react negatively like an oyster but see life in beautiful colors – it will be much easier.

That approach of being aware and controlling the positivity can be applied anywhere: career counseling, teaching youth, volunteering, building your life… It doesn’t matter. Any small thing that can drive you crazy, can make you laugh at the same time.

  • So have fun and laugh often!

  • Play fair and forgive easily

  • Make awesome memories and be the best that you can be

  • Be joyful and do what makes you happy 🙂 P.S. Update. Even though because of the fog instead of arriving at Zhulany airport, we arrived at Borispol, I am not complaining. I had a chance to try out the “infamous” railroad connecting the airport with the train station, and guess what? the train didn’t even break down! So, magic truly happens! 🙂 🙂 🙂

And what can I say more? Just that we already have an idea for our own Erasmus+ project 🙂

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