17 September 2019

“Building Bridges Across the Globe” or Bringing Impact to Communities

It all started with a dream. Dream to be different. Dream to change. Dream, growing from the understanding that something in the world is not right, […]
15 August 2019

“It’s a good deal that you came to our country” – unknown taxi driver or welcome to China :)

My third time in China, and first time on the tropical island of Hainan. The unique resort of the Celestial Empire, which is rightfully considered to […]
4 August 2019

Chasing the illusions

Usually, I write the motivational things, that I become inspired by in my travels or everyday life. This time is different 🙂 I have been thinking […]
12 July 2019

Traveling turns you into a Storyteller or Healthy Addiction

I think that my ancestors belonged to some tribe, that liked to migrate all across the Earth. Otherwise, I don’t know how to explain, why I […]
27 May 2019

Cherry Storms in Sorrento

Strange as it may seem, many places of the world are similar to each other (although the diversity of our planet is amazing), but despite all […]
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