Meet Up

11 June 2017

Day Seven. Going back home

Warning (Photo spam in this blog entry) 🙂 Staying in the Dresden and not visiting a gallery of Old Masters, for me, feels like a crime. […]
10 June 2017

Day sixth. Generation “Y.”

I am writing my blog in the morning today, as our desire for travel and adventures brought us to Dresden yesterday. It was an unplanned trip, […]
8 June 2017

Social and youth work in Germany. Day 5.

Every day leaves me wondering how different the social protection is in Ukraine and Germany. And this day was not an exception. This morning brought us […]
8 June 2017

Day fourth. Exploring social system and getting new ideas.

Another emotional day filled with lots of information, knowledge, and ideas about new projects. Our morning started with cold weather and +10 outside, though it was […]
7 June 2017

Second and third day of our project

I was supposed to write a blog yesterday, but on our way to Nordhausen, we had a spontaneous change of plans 🙂 We decided to visit […]
4 June 2017

Starting our project “Meet Up”

What do you usually feel when you wake up in the middle of the night to start a trip somewhere? For me, it is excitement, anxiety, […]

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