Starting our project “Meet Up”

Танок або замкнуте коло?
29 May 2017
Перший день захопливої подорожі!
4 June 2017

What do you usually feel when you wake up in the middle of the night to start a trip somewhere? For me, it is excitement, anxiety, and happiness 🙂 I feel eager to travel and at the same time worry how this journey would go.

Tonight, we woke up at 3 a.m., to go to the west and explore two beautiful countries on our way: Poland and Germany and to start our project “Meet UP, supported by Stiftung »Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft«.

When we were packing the bags in the car, I could smell the fresh summer air. You know, that air of long starry nights, filled with adventures and joy. That air that shows that the sunrise is close and the sky will change its color to blue soon…. And it lead our way to first stop on the border between Ukraine and Poland.

And I have to say that I was surprised. The non-visa regime will start soon, but it feels already much easier to pass all the customs and go. Even though I still feel that it is a bit unfair for us to give fingerprints every time that we cross the border with the European Union (after all we are not criminals, are we?), but I understand that it is a needed measure to prevent documents violation.

Traveling by car gives you more freedom of seeing the things that you want to explore and in being mobile. And during our trip – we have felt different weather changes, compared the infrastructure system and made tons of selfies. This night we will spend in a small city Zgorzelec, just 3 km from the German border and 100 km from Dresden.

We head further west tomorrow and are ready to start some real work 🙂 Now we are off to sleep because 16 hours of traveling can be a bit exhausting as much as looking for food at the local supermarkets, which are closed after 5.

Stay tuned!



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