The girls with tulips in a metro

14 February 2019
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1 February 2019
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21 February 2019

Always something that stands out attracts our attention. Whether it is a bouquet of flowers in the hands of a girl that is heading with the luggage to the train station, a broad smile of a little kid, jumping in the puddle or a young couple in love kissing in front of everyone.
But that girl… traveling with flowers… her thoughts are jumping all around… from one point she just started to believe in miracles and from another, people are trying to remind her that it is not true everyday.

But not her closest ones. They are the salvation, the safe harbor amidst the storm. Her hope, her love and her wonder.
It is always so hard to step back and look critically at yourself. But when you do – you open the new Horizons. You open a universe so huge and immerse, that you can’t believe how you could be blind not to notice it before.
And you realize that real love doesn’t require anything. It doesn’t wish, doesn’t ask. It gives and exists and that is the most beautiful thing in the world.

So, that girl starts to finally wake up. Wake up from the slumber and realizing that she is capable. But not only her. Everyone is. Capable of realizing that the power to change the world lays within ourselves. That ancient knowledge, so long forgotten… no need to look for more, as it is in us and always has been. When we truly want something – we just need to want it both with heart and mind. And then just take your hand – it will be there.

The girl with flowers attracts attention. Her pink hair and red lipstick stand out too. People that look at her wake up from slumber for a seconds to wonder whether she is strange to fall asleep again.
But it is ok. Not everyone can be awake. We all choose our paths.

The physical realization of the world is just a single drop in the ocean of possibilities and opportunities. So those paths… they can be whatever we want them to be…

And standing out is a good thing. Making people smile is even better. It helps them to feel how beautiful life can be, if they wish for it sincerely.

The girl wishes you a Happy Valentines Day. And don’t search for love somewhere. It is already in you 🙂

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