The land of perfect ice-skating rinks

21 February 2019
The girls with tulips in a metro
14 February 2019
An illusion of time
10 March 2019

Music 🎵 Walking on Cars – Speeding Cars

How do I even start this? sometimes I feel like I am one of the most reckless people that live in Ukraine 🙂 

Otherwise, how would you explain that on Wednesday last week I didn’t plan to go anywhere and on Monday I flew to Switzerland? 

That is probably another example how important it is to listen to the whisper of the “morning stars” and follow your heart when it tells you to do so. 


Besides, cold weather and bright sun, Switzerland gives you an impression that everything here serves to satisfy the needs of the most “powerful and rich” people. Even the small village somewhere in the mountains is full of women wearing fur and pretentious brand stores. 

However, for me, that is not an indicator of happiness. Because happiness is always in small things, long conversations, good music and art, right? 🙂 


It is expressed in the eyes that shine brightly and smells that you want to put in a small box just so you can carry it around and feel from time to time. In ice skating in a dress and laughing as the sun caresses your face and a little girl way outperformes you in her moves 🙂 

Over the years, I start to believe more and more that everything happens for some reason and that every encounter is not accidental. We can’t see the whole picture, but when the time passes – it is clear that meeting some people will leave a huge imprint on our life. And that doesn’t mean that you as a person will change completely. It just means that it gives you the new perception on how magical the life is. 

The fact that there are no accidental meetings also does not mean that nothing depends on you. One of my favorite movies is “Cloud Atlas” and there were words that resonated in my soul: “At every point of intersection, any meeting suggests a potentially new direction.” And your decision will be acceptance or rejection of this direction. 

Maybe sometimes you are surprised that with some people it seems to you that they will always be there, however they “disappear”, and all attempts to see them again will not only fail, but a million barriers will be created on the way. With others, on the contrary, fate seems to be deliberately reducing those barriers, even slightly “pushing” you towards each other, and at this moment you turn around as if asking it “oh really?” As a result, you find yourself surrounded by people communicating with whom you could not even think a while ago.

It seems to me that the famous phrase that traveling opens you from the other perspective and that you return from each journey as a new person is also suitable for meeting some people. Because every person in your path is a bridge to yourself. And it is not only about learning new words, such as Zamboni or French shame 🙂 though I have to say that Zamboni sounds really badass 🙂 But about understanding that certain people share the same crazy spark as you do, and it is such a rare thing to meet them during your life. 

I started with Switzerland and happiness and finished with fate and meeting people that leave impact on our life and with whom we feel an incredible connection. I am sorry, but that is just how my writing goes when my thoughts jump around after very intense but happy week, and sleepless night.

I just want to say that it doesn’t matter whether it is the Red Sea, Swiss mountains or Ukrainian woods, as long as you are reckless enough to follow your heart and not afraid to accept a new direction. 

When we look for our “kind” of people in them we find ourselves 🙂 


Thank you, Switzerland! You have been so cold at 5 am, but yet so warm 🙂 

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