Traveling turns you into a Storyteller or Healthy Addiction

12 July 2019
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2 June 2019
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4 August 2019

I think that my ancestors belonged to some tribe, that liked to migrate all across the Earth. Otherwise, I don’t know how to explain, why I love traveling/planning trips/ and being on the road so much. And I am sure that you have felt it too – how much the perception of time changes when you are far away from home. You feel like months have passed, while it has been just a couple of days. We feel the bustle of big cities and the slowness of the provincial villages. Through experiencing space and distances, for example, when we climb the mountains, overcome deserts, forests, cross continents, ride the train for many days, we feel the relativity of the world where we live and our role in it.

During our journeys, we grow and achieve the goals much faster than it happens in ordinary life. In regular life, we are busy meeting the most basic human needs (food, housing, work, everyday problems), and while traveling we meet spiritual needs. And it happens faster and more noticeable for ourselves. Therefore, we certainly want to travel more and more. To some extent, it is a form of addiction. But I think that it helps us to return to basic human values. We get back the ability to be content and happy with small things. When the rain stops and we feel the first sun rays in the clouds, sleeping in the warmth, the opportunity to stretch out on the bed and rest after a tiring day, drinking clean water, tasting simple food, the freshness of the morning air, pleasant feeling of clean clothes. All this makes it possible to rethink our values ​​and change life priorities. Human behavior becomes simpler and more natural.

And for that, you don’t have to go far away. There are amazing places located close to you. Now, all that it takes – is just use of the Internet to search some interesting things to see and to do – and you are all set 🙂 

So, I bet that you didn’t know (and me neither before that), that in Poland, there is an amusement park Energylandia with rollercoaster Hyperion. It is the European record holder in terms of technical parameters and the most expensive in its category (megacoaster) on our continent. It is located between the cities of Krakow and Katowice, near the town of Wadowice, the birthplace of Pope John Paul II in the town of Zator. Besides the Hyperion, there are dozens of rides, that everyone can absolutely enjoy. And even though, this is not my first time in such an amusement park, I felt myself like a little girl (and screamed like one on the Hyperion too :), and received tons of positive emotions. 


And then, you can continue your travel to the Czech Republic, where we stayed for three days. We visited Brno, an old Czech city, rich in customs and traditions, the largest center of winemaking in the country. For gourmets, Brno is a true paradise. All food, from bread to meat, is cooked superbly here. Among the local dishes are famous pork knuckles, cooked with herbs. The products of the local Starobrno brewery are called “beer with a Moravian heart”, and it is definitely a must-try. 

But our main destination was the Moravian Karst. The most extensive and beautiful karst area in Central Europe with the world-famous 138-meter abyss. Without a doubt, the Moravian Kras is one of the natural wonders of the Czech Republic, which surprises every visitor. The caves were created by limestone of the Devonian period and there are more than 1,100 caves, five of them are open to visitors.

Punkevna caves are the most popular caves and the tour is divided into two parts: “Dry road” and “Wet road”. The “dry” part of the excursion includes a walk along the paved paths, with a visit to 3 large cathedrals (caves), and during the “wet” part of the excursion you have to use boats that pass through three underground lakes, among the powerful stalagmites, and the stalactites, to the Masaryk cathedral – the most beautiful cave of the Moravian Karst. The Macocha Abyss causes a sea of emotions, especially when you come out of the cold cave into the light, the bright colors of summer and the murmur of water …It is impossible to describe in words, you have to see it for yourself. 




One of my favorite childhood books is “The Mistress of the Copper Mountain” by Pavel Bazhov. And all the time it seemed that you were walking inside that Copper Mountain. There are vases, and fabulous figurines, beautiful angels. Only they were created not by human hands, but by the hands of nature. Water drops of the fall from the ceiling now and then, to the right and left, mysterious trails leave to the unexplored caves, it seems that you will never find your way back. And then you float on a boat on narrow low arches, bending down in order not to cling to the rocks, and the boatman announces that there are about 800 meters of rocks above us, and below us a 40-meter abyss of water, there are no roller coasters in comparison! Here it is, the kingdom of Hades! And when the boat finally “emerges” into the light, you involuntarily clap your hands with the joy of returning. Amazing…. 

Therefore, for me – traveling is my addiction. Because I believe that in our life, we do not collect things. No. We collect memories and emotions. And traveling is a really great teacher who not only teaches you peace but also teaches you about yourself and your place in the world. That is why I like to collect and share my stories 😊

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