Why people do not fly! Or fly in mind!

Source of the Stars
11 August 2018
Restorative Justice Training/ тренінги з Відновного Правосуддя
31 August 2018

Sometimes there are such moments in life that you can reach with your thoughts up to the sky. But also there are such moments that the power of the entire universe at this exact moment just presses you down. I always considered myself a person who should do something great. But why? I do not know. I already have the greatest creation in this world -  daughter! What else can I have better than her?

But everyone has wings. We are all the creations of a huge universe. Each part of our body has billions of years of creation and wandering through outer space. Why do we consider ourselves the best things that can exist in the universe? Each of us considers himself the epicenter of events. Everyone considers himself to be like the sun, like a star - around which everything is happening and the earth rotates. It sounds very selfish. And one can say that only I think so. But you need to be honest with yourself. Everyone thinks like me. Try to acknowledge it. 

We are only moving from our own orbit when something goes wrong with our plan. When the situation is unpredictable. However, why do we always want to keep the situation under our control? I have many friends and acquaintances who can plunge into the world of another person without thinking about anything. How is this possible? Give up your own personal space and be in the shadow of another person? I do not know why one would do that.

For some reason, others have always been in my shadow. Sorry about this! But that's true. Only over time, I understood that. I never let myself be weak! I have always had a standard saying "I can do everything myself." And is it true? Can a person be weak? Not true I used to say. How can a woman allow herself to be weak? I always hear from my friends that I have a very heavy temper. That I'm too independent and strong. That am I like a man and I have no feelings. “You're a man in a skirt”. Nevertheless, is this true? Is it just that I can properly wear a mask. That I created myself. Or maybe I'm the mask.

It is all reflection that I cannot keep in myself. I do not want my words to be perceived as a moment of weakness. I'm just interested in the opinion of others. What do you see in me? And whether I can see myself in your eyes the same? I'm now talking about myself as a researcher and a scientist. I want to gather the input for reflection. We all need to sometimes understand what is happening around us. And so, recognize at least for yourself that we all think in our hearts that we are the stars around which the universe is turning!

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