World Youth Forum 2018 or Seven Wonders of Egypt

Теорія змови, або гормон абсолютного щастя!
5 November 2018
#PowerUp, Split or welcome to Croatia
16 November 2018
“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.”
― Ray Bradbury
Usually, when you hear that someone is going to Egypt, the only picture that jumps up to your mind – is vacation, Red Sea and pyramids. However, this beautiful country has so much to offer and for the last couple of days, it has become the place, where the people with bright ideas, passion and the desire to do something good for this world have gathered together.
The main idea and inspiration of the Forum were the 7 Pillars of Egyptian Character, as the country has the Pharaonic identity mixed with Greco-Roman philosophy, blended with Greco-Roman philosophy, enriched by Coptic theology and cemented by Islamic rituals, located in Africa and belonging to Arab World, while still maintaining Mediterranean traditions.
Sounds a bit complicated, doesn’t it? However, I think that this intricate pattern of history, culture, nature, and people is what makes this country a mystery, that one wants to solve.

Even despite visiting Egypt before (and yes, I was here mainly for vacation 🙂 )  – this time I tried to look at it with a new approach and from a different perspective. And I think that now I love it even much more than before because there are sides of Egypt, that I never thought that I would experience.
So my own, seven pillars of the Forum and Egypt are a bit different:
  1. The People. Always the People. The one, who encourage us not to limit our dreams. To show an example of the bravery and how to act. With kind hearts, souls and beautiful eyes, burning with passion. From the countries, torn by war. Volunteers, who are doing something not because they have a need to do so, but because they have a desire and a courage.  People, who worked so hard to make this Forum a success. And who lacked sleep, food and rest sometimes, but still smiled.
So when a beautiful girl from Iraq comes up to you and thanks for your presentation, you feel that she is the one, that you need to thank for being there despite the obstacles. Because she is the Inspiration, and she is the main participant of the Forum.  
2. The Diversity. It is that very seasoning of life, which gives it all the flavor.  Because even when the sky will fall and the oceans sink, humans will still remain the only secret that cannot be discovered fully. And that is the beauty of life, that we are so different and at the same time we are all the same. I just think that we need to respect the diversity in each other and be always curious about it.
3. The Change. In the changes, we find our purpose. Everything that happens in our life is for the best. Sometimes it seems that it is a dead end, and it did not work out, did not happen, did not come true and that there is only the pain and emptiness. However, later it turns out  -it is not a dead end, but a sharp turn, not the end of life, but the beginning of a new one. And the worst disappointments turn into new happy meetings. And suddenly you understand – everything was for the best. 
4. The Communication. Technology takes away live communication from the people. It has already penetrated into our desires, today it predicts, and tomorrow it will dictate what we want. Nevertheless, we are created by the communication with people. They create us, and we create them. And today’s` dialogue is key to build and sustain not just peace, but a healthy and friendly communication.


5. The Opportunity.  We live in a world controlled by faith. In whatever you believe, it will work. When you open your soul and start dreaming, the opportunities appear.  It is one incredible Magic when you have a belief in good things. And I am so curious, why we are so blind sometimes and don’t see when a life gives us a chance to fulfill our craziest desires and dreams.
6. The Stars and the Sea. I can’t leave them aside in this story. I think that they played the major role in my discovery of how unexpectedly you can meet people, that are so unique and powerful in their approach to life. Generous, kind, and ready to share their energy. People that you meet just for the first time in your life, but feel like you have known them forever. The ones, that you spend hours talking to and still can’t get enough, while the stars watch from the sky and fall giving you a chance to make a wish.  
“There is nowhere I would rather be, than here”. My box with memories will be kept in a safe place.
7. The Love. The main pillar in this world. Love to your family, friends, partner, country, work… The feeling that drives us crazy and makes us do amazing things, and we all are in a constant search for it. Even behind this Forum is Love. You just have to look close to see it.  

So you see now that every one of my seven pillars deals with people. Because each one of us is a unique universe, filled with planets, stars, black holes, supernovas, and quasars.
And it is only up to us, what side of the universe to discover. Because it is easy to change the world around us, but it is hard to change ourselves. However, I believe that everyone who pursues Love finds the change within himself. And that change starts the moment – that you decide to go for it. Don`t search for harmony elsewhere, because it is in You. 
Beautiful Egypt, the land of Peace and Love. Thank you for having me and treating me well. And for giving me the chance to create beautiful memories, that I will never forget.
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