World Youth Forum 2019: Technology and Human Connection.

16 December 2019
“Building Bridges Across the Globe” or Bringing Impact to Communities
17 September 2019

Egypt is a mythical land of pyramids, the Red Sea, temples, and pharaohs. The sights of Egypt beckoned adventure seekers for centuries, forcing to plunge into the history of antiquity and imbue the spirit of those times. Modernity and antiquity miraculously coexist in Egypt with each other, giving this land a fascinatingly magical look.

The country is distinguished by originality, fidelity to traditions, and characteristic oriental flavor. But there is something else that ultimately distinguishes Egypt from other countries. And I am talking about World Youth Forum, held for the third time in sunny and warm Sharm-El-Sheikh.

You might wonder why this Forum is so unique, aren’t there any others taking place in many other countries? However, the scale of the event doesn’t seem to amaze me. Imagine 8,000 participants all across the world, speakers from the most varied backgrounds, motivational stories, and a team of volunteers, who have organized all of this.

The Agenda is perfect for anyone, looking to broaden the knowledge and get inspired: Peace & Security: Current Challenges; Governmental Institutional Excellence& Digital Transformation; Youth Ideas to Protect the Environment; Blockchain: A Revolution in the Digital World; and Artificial Intelligence & Humans: Who is in Control.
Even Robot Sophia took part in the discussion as a Speaker, and I think that session was fully booked, with us, humans, trying to hear what do we have to expect 🙂

This year I participated in the Forum for the second time. Last year, I was a speaker at the Roundtable discussion on the post-conflict and the ways to solve it, and this year spoke at the workshop «The Prospects of Education and Capacity Building in the Fourth Industrial Age.»
We talked a lot about digital technologies and the Industrial Revolution. Nevertheless, I believe that only empathy can bring a person to a new level of development, a higher round of evolution.

It is particularly relevant for education. Because we talked so much about digitalizing the curriculum, forgetting that we still need to humanize the learning experience. If we do not learn to understand our emotions, it will be difficult for us to capture the feelings of other people. Are you able to determine precisely what you are experiencing right now – sadness, happiness, delight? And that skill might be the most valuable besides the regular knowledge of math, programming, or literature. Because emotional intelligence is not only the ability to control one’s feelings but also the ability to understand other people.

Today the world is changing very quickly: to succeed, it is no longer enough to be a specialist in any one field of knowledge or to receive one diploma of higher education. Therefore, it is more important than ever to develop the so-called soft skills, among which are those that can be ranked as emotional intelligence. This is true for people of any age.

And I think that WYF 2019 is a perfect place to practice your emotional intelligence, to foster cross-cultural collaboration and communication.
Because when in one place so many bright and young leaders and changemakers come together, the real magic happens. The magic that will spread like a ripple effect throughout the world, influencing the other communities too.

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