YGP talk. Results!

How to stop wars and cure a broken heart?
9 December 2018
Thank you, 2018
31 December 2018

Ukrainian youth appreciate freedom more than ever, they seek new knowledge and are ready to make changes themselves. Undoubtedly, young Ukrainians are internet-advanced, more tolerant of others and more optimistic than the older generation looking into the future.

Those are the messages that we were delivering during our first YGP talk together with students from Khmelnytskyi national university.

It has been an incredible experience to learn from the young people and to share our vision of the world at the same time. Because Ukraine is Us. A strong state with happy people in it is a mutual and hard work of two parties. Unfortunately, today society still does not understand this, waiting for the state to give them something or bring them. However, every work we do is for the benefit of our state.

Because by working in science, business, politics, and in the social sphere, we must choose the types of activities in which our knowledge, experience, personal relationships combine and give a significant effect to the creation of new and useful. This will allow us to make a breakthrough that will leave a noticeable mark on people, in organizations, in the country, and maybe even (and why not to dream?) in the world 🙂

Thank you so much, everyone, who made our YGP talk an amazing experience and fun way to learn new things!
Amazing speakers:
Zack DmyterkoTanya RozhokOlha DupliakМария Левченко (Mariia Levchenko)Danil Kaidan and Olia Stetsiuk with the support from our Дмитро Васильківський and Міжнародні економічні відносини

Stay tuned! We have a new exciting event coming up!

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