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7 December 2018
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29 November 2018
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9 December 2018

We are happy to announce that on December 12, 2018, YGP together with the Department of International Relations of Khmelnytskyi national university is presenting a youth conference in the format “YGP-Talk”.

The main content of the conference consists of presentations on the topics: science, business, volunteerism, international relations and other global themes that humanity is now confronted with.

Our speakers:

With the support from Міжнародні економічні відносини and Дмитро Васильківський 

Мария Левченко (Mariia Levchenko) – “Doers and Dreamers. Who are you in this world?” 
Each of us interacts with “this world” in a certain way. Everyone has their own paradigm, a prism or, so to say, a “picture of the world”. However, no one also likes when someone is trying to divide them into groups, types and somehow classify them, even if it is just to know whether you are a realist or a dreamer.
But knowing your weak and strong sides helps to know yourself better 

Olha Dupliak – “Woman in science. Stereotype or myth” How many prominent women scientists do you know, or how many have heard? Why, if an experiment and someone sent to space, then a woman, but on all posters was Gagarin? Why a female scientist is a fact that hits record all day. Why is a woman a science – not only reason and beauty – it is an opportunity to find a compromise in the interdisciplinary region

Zack Dmyterko – “Volunteer experience: comparing USA and Ukraine”
Through both facts and personal experience, that volunteerism is a beneficial and useful resource in our world today. Its benefits to individuals are numerous, providing health benefits, experience, socialization and a sense of satisfaction. Communities in turn gain from volunteerism through increased resilience, closer community bonds, and most integration of marginalized groups and individuals

Danil Kaidan – “Time management (Time is a choice) ”
By keeping the time, we do not start to live, how we want to build the life we want, and then time saves itself.

Tanya Rozhok – “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as a powerful international influencer”
Whatever the conditions of people’s lives, wherever they live, however they live, we all share the same dreams
Global development means that each country has an opportunity to progress and to improve the quality of the nation’s life. But all countries have different development level, so that is the main challenge: to deal with that difference. One of the powerful tools of the progress is a charitable foundation, which helps people to change their future and to have a decent living


Olha Stetsiuk  “Cryptocurrency as a phenomenon of the modern economy”
Cryptocurrency has several advantages over real money units, which are characterized by such qualities as the speed of operations, their cheapness, and the anonymity of users. An important factor is the lack of intermediary organizations in providing transactions.

The format of the conference: 1 day, 5 main speakers with performances of 10 minutes each, as well as many short presentations from the students. There are no divisions into groups, we believe in creating a general atmosphere of emotions, knowledge, and experience. Because knowledge is connected with emotions, and it will help to spread the ideas of awareness between the youth.

The participation is free! More information on our Facebook page!

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